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Re: (TFT) TFT Release -> Cheap talents

> The point is that many people in the historical
>real world who were not vast intellectuals, had many 
>more points than were possible in TFT.

Right. I always felt characters and NPC's were greatly
short-changed in how few talents they could know.

> For the last
>8 years in my campaign, I've allow people to 
>buy memory separately from IQ using my 
>superscript rules (posted before on this list).
>Despite the (I feel) many advantages to this 
>system, the superscripts were roundly criticized 
>because they were too complicated.  lowering
>the memory costs of most talents is a MUCH
>simpler way to handle the problem.

What the hell is so complicated about your superscript
or "memory" rules? I though it was a beautifull/simple
fix for the lack of talents.
All I added to it for my own starting characters was that
I limited superscripts to 1/2 of the character's actual IQ.
(so... character of IQ-14 is limited to +7 IQ superscripts
or "memory")


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