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(TFT) HTH rules

In running a player through OrbQuest via email, I found that the HTH
rules seem to be a bit weak.  (I've always thought so - that's why I
always avoided HTH whenever possible!)  In this instance, two characters
are engaged in HTH combat.  A third character in an adjacent hex wants to
pull one combatant off the other, but the rules made no provision for this
action, which seemed a reasonable one to me.

A HTH combatant can be pulled off another HTH combatant by a third character 
if the third player makes a DX roll AND if the character being pulled off 
fails a saving roll against DX.  The character pulling off the HTH combatant 
gets a +4 DX in the attempt.  The character doing the pulling off must move 
no more than 1/2 his MA to make the attempt.  

If this is successful, the character pulled off is dragged into the hex
of the character doing the dragging.  The character doing the dragging
is then engaged in HTH combat with the dragged character.

This worked well in the situation I was in.

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