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Re: (TFT) HTH rules

Joe writes ...

>In running a player through OrbQuest via email, I found that the HTH
>rules seem to be a bit weak.  (I've always thought so - that's why I
>always avoided HTH whenever possible!)  In this instance, two characters
>are engaged in HTH combat.  A third character in an adjacent hex wants to
>pull one combatant off the other, but the rules made no provision for this
>action, which seemed a reasonable one to me.
>A HTH combatant can be pulled off another HTH combatant by a third character 
>if the third player makes a DX roll AND if the character being pulled off 
>fails a saving roll against DX.  The character pulling off the HTH combatant 
>gets a +4 DX in the attempt.  The character doing the pulling off must move 
>no more than 1/2 his MA to make the attempt.  
>If this is successful, the character pulled off is dragged into the hex
>of the character doing the dragging.  The character doing the dragging
>is then engaged in HTH combat with the dragged character.
>This worked well in the situation I was in.

Not a bad idea, Joe!   : )


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