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Re: (TFT) Re: Ways around copyrights

Joe writes:

>dwtulloh@zianet.com (Dan Tulloh) wrote:
>>    As for Warpwar, the game is essentially in the public 
>>    domain now.  Check out www.grognard.com  
>No, it's not "essentially PD" now, there's just been a group 
>of people who chose to violate the copyright by putting their
>re-written rules online.  The first website listed below 
>covers that, and has the rules and variants online.  The 
>Grognard has some other links as well, including campaign 

What I meant by 'essentially PD' is that, once it's out 
there on the 'net, it can't really take it back.  It could 
be removed from the website of course, but the damage has
already been done.


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