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Re: (TFT) Re: Ways around copyrights


>	I absolutely don't agree to this (gaining the 
>rights to TFT by slightly rewriting the rules).  If you 
>do new material you are welcome to copyright it, but 
>it is wrong to steal TFT from HT.  

Basically, I am in agreement with this.  I don't see why
we couldn't use TFT as a model for the new game though.
Didn't Steve essentially do the same thing with GURPS?

>	On a different subject, is anyone interested in
>buying the rights to any of the other Metagaming 
>games?  Which were your favorite games they produced?
>My favorites were Godsfire (after a major rules revision
>admittedly), Hitler's War, Ogre / GEV.  I also have kept
>playing with the WarpWar rules to try to build a fun 
>campaign game out of it.

Steve Jackson owns the rights to Ogre/GEV and since he's
just re-released it, I doubt he'd be interested in selling
it to anyone.  Ogre/GEV is being sold as a combined game 
in a VCR box and the expansion kit, Shockwave, was just
released in a ziplock format.


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