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Re: (TFT) Re: Forgetting

dwtulloh@zianet.com (Dan Tulloh) wrote:
> Someone else wrote:
> >  Really, though, the forgetting process that goes on as 
> >people learn new skills occurs naturally and gradually. 
>                      .  .  .
> >  It seems as much of an argument could be made for the 
> >reverse: that someone who has a diverse set of knowledge, has
> >the so-called "habit of learning" and is accustomed to picking
> >up new things on a regular basis should actually be able to 
> >pick up new things more easily (losing old talents in the
> >process of course).  
> Hmmm ... There might be a problem here between 'book learning'
> and practical experience.  Take carpentry, for example.  Some
> can read about and become familiar with the ideas of a truss
> and the various types of joints but may be at a complete loss
> when it comes to actually DOING it.

I also question the forgetting of a skill.  I have not ridden a
bicycle in a long time, but I have no doubt that if I were to get
on one now, I'd be riding well in moments.

I had taken a long break from astronomy after I got married, and it
was only in the past couple of years that I got back into it.  The
constellations were right where I'd left them, and I remembered 
them all quickly.

Do I have to lose my astronomical knowledge if I learn to play the
flute?  Nope.  Now, if I don't have the time to practice the flute,
I'm not going to get very good.  I can draw the analogy between EXP
and adding talents.  I can't come up with a similar analogy for
forgetting short of amnesia, either accidentally or purposely 
induced.  (Again, the Guild can help here.)  I think we have an
excellent ability to pull up things from our past.  Quick, what was
the name of your roommate your freshman year in college?  That was
probably easy.  Trust me, if I could remove certain things from
my memory, I would.  All that COBOL crap is just taking up valuable

I think that whoever said most of us ignore the forgetting rules was
probably right.

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