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Re: (TFT) Re: Forgetting

Joe writes:

>I also question the forgetting of a skill.  I have not ridden a
>bicycle in a long time, but I have no doubt that if I were to get
>on one now, I'd be riding well in moments.

I don't think that riding a bicycle qualifies for a talent but
riding a bike well enough to compete in the Tour De France *is*.
Talents don't necessarily mean the ability to do something but
the ability to do it WELL.

>I had taken a long break from astronomy after I got married, and it
>was only in the past couple of years that I got back into it.  The
>constellations were right where I'd left them, and I remembered 
>them all quickly.
>Do I have to lose my astronomical knowledge if I learn to play the
>flute?  Nope.  Now, if I don't have the time to practice the flute,
>I'm not going to get very good.  I can draw the analogy between EXP
>and adding talents.  

I played a little guitar in college but I've been trying to pick it
up again and although I remember the major chords and what not, I 
have a touch of fumble-fingers.  On top of that, I can't play my
steel strings very long because I don't have calluses any more.

Maybe what we need is two categories of talents: Active and Inactive.
As you learn things, they go into your pool of Active Talents, just
like buying regular talents now.  With disuse however, they get put
into your pool of Inactive Talents.  You can still use them, but at
a DX penalty for some length of time.  You can have say, double your
IQ points in Inactive Talents.


>I think that whoever said most of us ignore the forgetting rules was
>probably right.

To paraphrase Bob Newhart .... "That ... that would ... that would
be me."   : )


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