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(TFT) Not Quite Forgetting

Dan Tulloh wrote:
> Maybe what we need is two categories of talents: Active and Inactive.
> As you learn things, they go into your pool of Active Talents, just
> like buying regular talents now.  With disuse however, they get put
> into your pool of Inactive Talents.  You can still use them, but at
> a DX penalty for some length of time.  You can have say, double your
> IQ points in Inactive Talents.
> Comments?

I'm sure there'll be those who call out the Mnoren on you: "Unclean!"

But I'm going to agree with you.  I'd allow this approach, but only if:

a) It happens on my watch; no characters ride into my campaign with a
stack of useful Inactive Talents.

b) The penalty is high; -3 if the totally unskilled level is -4, maybe
-2 for things they've 'kept their hand in'.

c) Using half-remembered spells is understood as an invitation for GM

d) All or nothing talents count as nothing while Inactive.  "I was quite
Fencer in my youth..."
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