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(TFT) Death Test Rooms

Patrick Keleher wrote:
> Solo adventures are actually rather hard to write.  I've started three or
> four (One taking place in the Cliportage shared environment developed a few
> months ago, one involving elves vs. hymenopterans, and one using the setting
> from Everway.) but have not had time to finish writing any of them, and
> frankly I've started to suspect that my story ideas are a bit too grandiose
> for the solo game format.  Even my abortive attempts have increased my
> respect for the designers of the microquests.  What I really need to do is
> to stick to one story-idea and not let distractions prevent me from fully
> developing it.
>      Here's an idea: how about a 'shared' solo?  I mean something like the
> Deathtests, but with each chamber developed by a separate individual?

237: Before you you see three figures.  Dice for their abilities on the
Mercenary Table.  Arrange them within three hexes of the far exit.  All
show the effects of repeated wounding and healing, and all are chained
to the floor by one ankle on long chains.  They all have missle weapons,
a crazed look in their eye, and wear tabards emblazoned with the legend,
"We killed the Red Wizard, and all we got were these lousy tabards."
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