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(TFT) Re: Forgetting, take two

I wrote:
>> Really, though, the forgetting process that goes on as 
>> people learn new skills occurs naturally and gradually. 
>to which Dan Tulloh wrote:
>Agreed, but how do you make this playable without creating
>a lot of bookkeeping for the player?

I think there's some misunderstanding about what I meant.  
I wasn't questioning the idea of losing a talent in order 
to learn a new one.  All I was questioning is the following
ITL rule:

 You can also forget a spell, talent or language in a more 
 conventional way - by not using it. If you wish to forget 
 one in this manner, inform the GM of your decision to do 
 so. Mark a line through that talent (or whatever) on the 
 character record sheet, along with the date (in game terms). 
 If you can avoid using it for a year, you will have 
 forgotten it - you can erase it and use that IQ for 
 something else." 

So it takes you a year longer to learn a talent once you've
"filled up" your IQ.  I think any forgetting required should
occur automatically as part of learning the a talent.  When 
you've learned the new one, you mark off (forget) an old one.
That's all.  No bookeeping whatsoever, certainly not the 
notations that would be required by the ITL rule quoted above.
 "I, Sven Scarlock, hereby announce that I, on this day, the
eleventh of Harvestmonth in the year 1201, have begun to 
forget the talent of animal trainer, renouncing its practice 

 The ITL text above is copyright Howard M. Thompson, and is 
 cited under fair use provisions (Title 17, Section 107 of US
 law) allowing brief quotes for purposes of comment.

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