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(TFT) Re: Forgetting: GURPS talents

From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>
> >I agree that forgetting is not easy. But I truely couldn't design a simple
> >RLC circuit from my electrical engineering degree in college. I'd have to
> >learn it all over with perhaps a speedier recovery time. I think mental 
> >skills are easier to forget than physical ones. I hadn't gone downhill 
> >skiing for decades and picked it back up in a matter of hours. 
> 	I would ask how many total hours you spent skiing
> and building RLC circuits.  I bet that the number of hours 
> skiing are a lot more.

Nope. I spent most of 4 years of college (30 weeks a year, at least 10 hours 
a week) doing RLC circuits and their derivatives, equivalent to 1200 hours. I 
spent about 2-3 weeks a year, 6 hours a day, skiiing for 5 years, equivalent 
to 100 hours. Even if I over estimated circuits by half and underestimated 
skiing by half, that's 600 hours to 200 hours. I just think mental skills are 
easier to forget.

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