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(TFT) Ram Speed and other ancient naval games (was RE: Other Metagaming products)

> From: StanRydzewski <srydzews@ix.netcom.com>
> Brett Slocum wrote:
> > 
> > Speaking of these non-TFT games, has everyone ever played Ram Speed, the
> > boardgame of ancient naval warfare? Is it any good?
> It's not bad.  The Interplay articles about it are (for once) useful.  
> If you have Battleline/Avalon Hill's Trireme, though, Ram Speed can 
> pretty much stay on the shelf.

Is Trireme relatively fast and easy to play? And relatively cheap?

OK, here's the real question: are there any ancient naval games out there 
that are pretty fast to play and easy to pick up? Actually, I could ask the 
same question for naval warfare up to Lepanto or so. 

I have Bireme and Galley from FGU, but it's miniatures, essentially.

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