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Re: (TFT) Ram Speed and other ancient naval games (was RE: Other Metagaming products)

Brett Slocum wrote:
> Is Trireme relatively fast and easy to play? 

Yes.  There's the usual AH basic and advanced rules.  It's about
as complex as Wooden Ships and Iron Men, a more common AH game.
Similar concepts...hull boxes, crew points, plotted movement,
the usual drill.  It is more involved than Ram Speed, but I think
more suitable for use with TFT.  

> And relatively cheap?

Er, not anymore, being out of print and all.  I bought a used
copy for $35.00 about a year ago, at a local game store.

>OK, here's the real question: are there any ancient naval games 
>out there that are pretty fast to play and easy to pick up? 

If fast and easy is the priority then Ram Speed may be your best 
bet.  There's also a new game by GMT called War Galley (out of 
print or close to it) that is much more of a "squadron level" 
kind of thing.  The counters still represent individual ships, 
but the game emphasizes fleet tactics more than micromanaging 
each vessel.  Personally, I *like* micromanaging each vessel.
You can have a look at War Galley on GMT's web page:


If you're interested in it I have a second copy I'll sell 
for $30.00 (which is half its retail price!).

> Actually, I could ask the same question for naval warfare up to 
> Lepanto or so. 

I know of nothing filling the gap between the late Roman and early
Napoleonic periods, and would love to hear about anything I've 

> I have Bireme and Galley from FGU, but it's miniatures, essentially.

How is it?

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