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Re: (TFT) Re: Cheap talents

Subject: Re: (TFT) Re: Cheap talents

> James Eckman <fugu@wenet.net> wrote:
> A question for everyone, how many people have followers in your games?

From: Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com>
I have a Knight that has a squire and a wizard-for-hire turned follower

I force every player to make at least two characters, encourgage them to start with a "new followers brainiac" and make eight more. My projected death ratio (PDR) per adventure is 3:1. This means three players die per one monster. My Time to create (TTC) per character is five minutes. If a player can't produce a character inside of five minutes, I provide one for them. This is usually an experienced name brand character to compensate for the players lack of experience in TFT. I keep track of every single death. Not the Characters name but the total of what monster gets the most kills. To date the "Town Guard" has a 2:1 ratio over any other monster in total number of PC's killed (the next runner up being traps).

    David Michael Grouchy II
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