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(TFT) giant Cane toads

I was reading my daughter a book on Australian venomous wildlife and was
intrigued by cane toads, a serious introduced pest:

Giant Cane Toad
ST:20-30           MA: 4 (6 hex jump)
DX:10                Armour: 1 point warty skin 
These large (3-hex) predators inhabit warm climes and are actively
carnivorous and rather stupid, attacking anything smaller than themselves.
They bite for 2 dice damage and will swallow a hobbit or dwarf whole on a 1
on a d6. Thereafter, hits on the toad will harm the creature inside on a
roll of 1 or 2, while the unfortunate victim will be affected by the toad's
poison every turn.
A cane toad has two large poison sacs behind its eyes. It can fire one
every 3 turns - treat as a thrown weapon for range. The poison is a
powerful enzyme which affects mammals and birds (i.e. reptile men and
gargoyles are immune), doing 1+1 damage plus a -4 in adjDX due to agonizing
pain for 1d6 hours. A successful 4/DX roll indicates the target dodged the
Toads will fire poison at bigger creatures and try to bite smaller ones

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