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(TFT) more spell forum quorum required

OK here are 2 more from IP6 (from Justin with comments attached)

IQ 13:  POISON IMMUNITY (T): causes all poisons to fail as if a successful
saving roll was made.  Has no effect on an existing poison in body.  3ST &
ST every turn thereafter.  (My personal thoughts are that this costs too
much.  Maybe 1ST plus 1 per turn or 3ST and it lasts 12 turns)

IQ 20:  STEEL FLESH (T): 5ST & 1 per turn thereafter.  DX or MA is not
affected.  Spell subtracts 7 h/a adds 2 hits when fists are used in combat.
(My personal thoughts is the IQ is too high for what is gained vs. IQ 15
Iron Flesh - just 1 extra point and +2 damage when using your fists in
combat.  Any smart wizard never gets that close to combat)

I reckon Justins ideas on the first one are appropriate, while bringing the
2nd down to an IQ 17 sounds good to me - any other opinions??

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