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(TFT) Re: Ram Speed and other ancient naval games

From: srydzews@ix.netcom.com
> Brett Slocum wrote:
> > I have Bireme and Galley from FGU, but it's miniatures, essentially.
> How is it?

Bireme and Galley is a well-researched miniatures naval game that has
stats for everything from the first Egyptian punt ships of 1500 BCE to 
carricks and caravels of 1500 CE. It handles ballistae, catapults, cannon, the 
corvus (boarding ramp), ramming, etc. It supplies cardboard ships, but you 
could easily use miniatures.

I've played it a couple times and it was pretty easy to pick up and play. But I 
mostly use it as an aid for roleplaying. I really like it for that.

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