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Re: (TFT) more spell forum quorum required

Cas Liber wrote:
> OK here are 2 more from IP6 (from Justin with comments attached)
>> IQ 13: POISON IMMUNITY (T): [snip]

Yeah, I'd definitely go with one of the lower costs.  Probably 
the 3ST for 12 turns. 

> IQ 20: STEEL FLESH (T): [snip]

I've never been a big fan of the stone/iron flesh spells (or, even
more so, the items).  In combination with armor they're just insane.
So if you're really going to have an even *better* version of same, 
it should be tough.  I'd say that the wizard who came up with this 
thing was really obsessed with the concept and wasn't too worried 
about its cost-effectiveness.

> (My personal thoughts is the IQ is too high for what is gained vs. 
>  IQ 15 Iron Flesh - just 1 extra point and +2 damage when using 
>  your fists in combat. Any smart wizard never gets that close to 
>  combat) 

He won't be casting it on himself, it'll be on his pal who's already
wearing fine plate.

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