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(TFT) Hurting undead / other dimensionally / other worldly creatures

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        For example, some creatures can only be hurt by
silver weapons, or by magic weapons, etc.

        Does anyone have suggestions for interesting
immunity / weaknesses?

        In general how do people feel about these sorts
of restrictions?  (On one hand if feels D&Dish = lame,
on the other hand it is simple, on the gripping hand it gives
an explanation why the local townsfolk just don't handle
the problem themselves...)<

I definitely tend to agree. That D&D feeling is familiar but why copy
something that wasn't done well....

The 'immunity to normal weapons' has a whole lot of problems with it. What
constitutes a normal weapon? Can you drop boulders on them? Atomic weapons?
HTH combat? If they are that immune then why havent they taken over the
world? Why aren't magic weapons sold on every street corner? If the undead
were ONLY vulnerable to this, then they magic weapon manufacturing
technology would surely have improved because of this...

In short, "immunity to normal weapons" as per D&D seems like a can of worms
that TFT shouldn't be saddled with.

On the other hand... there is a somewhat valid argument that these
capabilities have a background in mythology. Certainly in movies - which is
as good a mythology for roleplaying as any. 

Also, TFT already has this ability for Wights. ITL:56, "A wight cannot be
affected exceptby missile spells or magic weapons; nothing else works.". So
we could take this and modifiy it enough to be fairly playable. 

My final answer? Regeneration. Regeneration *except* against certain types
of attack will fit the legends accuarately, is easy to understand, GM and
play and matches the movies fairly accurately. I think this is the simplest
method for simiulating these kind of effects in TFT. 

What do you think? 

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