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Re: (TFT) Hurting undead / other dimensionally / other worldly creatures

Hi Michael,

>The 'immunity to normal weapons' has a whole lot of problems with it. What
>constitutes a normal weapon? Can you drop boulders on them? Atomic weapons?
>HTH combat? If they are that immune then why havent they taken over the
>world? Why aren't magic weapons sold on every street corner? If the undead
>were ONLY vulnerable to this, then they magic weapon manufacturing
>technology would surely have improved because of this...

	It was not my intention to make ALL undead 
immune to this sort of thing, just the tougher ones.

>In short, "immunity to normal weapons" as per D&D seems like a can of worms
>that TFT shouldn't be saddled with.
>On the other hand... there is a somewhat valid argument that these
>capabilities have a background in mythology. Certainly in movies - which is
>as good a mythology for roleplaying as any. 
>Also, TFT already has this ability for Wights. ITL:56, "A wight cannot be
>affected exceptby missile spells or magic weapons; nothing else works.". So
>we could take this and modifiy it enough to be fairly playable. 
>My final answer? Regeneration. Regeneration *except* against certain types
>of attack will fit the legends accuarately, is easy to understand, GM and
>play and matches the movies fairly accurately. I think this is the simplest
>method for simiulating these kind of effects in TFT. 

	A good suggestion, but again I won't do this
for all undead.  But likely a few.

>What do you think? 



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