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Re: (TFT) weapon vulnerablilties

Hi Cas,

>Dear Rick
>I know one debatable one was 'Cold Iron' ...

	I always assumed that by cold iron, it meant
Iron that had been cooled back down to a solid. Basically
if the metal was cold enough to have a magnetic moment
then it would count.  For that matter, any alloy of iron
that is magnetic has enough iron to count.  (Thus steel
would also be anathema to farrie.)

>Another idea from Manual of the Planes was that of astral creatures
>inability to pass through living prime material matter, which was why some
>houses were covered with vines on the outside which made it difficult for
>extrplanar creatures to enter them immaterially.

	I like this one!

>Another idea is that of running water. One could speculate that vampire
>tissue was made up of living cells that although are extremely resilient
>and regenerative, aren't much good at holding the creature together, hence
>running water's effectiveness in washing them away.

	I like Tolkien's explanation of why the
Nazgul could not cross running water better.  Note
that Vampires not-only could not do the breast stroke,
they couldn't walk over a bridge or go in a boat that
was crossing running water.  (However when I do
vampires, I may dispense with this.  There are SO
many odd rules that have attached themselves to 
vampires over the years and different cultures that
you pretty much have to be selective to some extent.)

>For creativity, I much prefered Lovecraft's kangaroo-like hopping ghasts
>than the D&D ones which were little more than strong ghouls. I think
>hopping creatures add a new demension to TFT combat not much explored as
>ST:20-30                MA:12
>DX:11-12              Armour:0
>Ghasts are large (2-2.5 metre tall) hopping monstrosities that live
>underground. They have an MA of 12 and can easily clear 1 or 2 hexes of
>obstacles. Anything more ambitious, such as jumping over figures or 3 or 4
>hexes, requires a 3 dice roll vs. DX. No-one is sure whether they are alive
>or dead, but sunlight is harmful to them, doing 1 die damage per turn they
>are exposed to it. They may  (1 in 6) also be encountered with spells (as
>an IQ 10 wizard). They inflict 1+3 damage (2+2 in HTH).

	I already have some Ghasts, but I may rename this 
and use something like in from another catagory.

	Thanks,  Rick

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