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RE: RE: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #33

justin wrote:
> I don't give the spells their names someone else
> does about 18 years ago. All I do is relate what
> I see and ask for critiques.

Okay, and that's what we're doing...critiquing them.  It's certainly  not
intended as anything personal, certainly not to you and not even to the guy
who named it 18 years ago.  If anything we're grateful that you're posting
them, not mad about it.  But the name of a spell is just as valid a thing to
talk about as anything else regarding it.>>>>>

Boy are we both being touchy or what!  Sorry, Stan.

David Doucette created that spell (Light Ray or what have you).  He also
placed in Interplay #1 at IQ 18 --- 14-hex shadow (5 ST to cast), 14-hex
fire (8 ST to cast), 14-hex wall (9 ST to cast), and 14-hex illusion (8 ST
to cast).  Critique at your pleasure.

Another spell he created is to be critiqued

IQ 18: TEMPORARY ENCHANTMENT (T) Affects any weapon so that it is enchanted
2 ways.  First, it adds +1 DX to whomever uses it for every 3 ST used in
casting.  Second, the weapon is now capable of hitting someone who is under
Astral Projection spell or Insubstantiality but cannot be used against
someone using Spell Shield or a Pentagram because of the power of the
enchantment.  COST: 3 ST for each +1, 1 ST to maintain.

My personal thoughts is by the time a wizard has experienced himself up to
IQ 18 most folks in his party will have magic weapons.  What is it?  A $1000
plus weapon cost to mage up a weapon.  Perhaps lower the IQ or ST costs or
possibly both.

Yours in Cidri,

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