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Re: (TFT) Re: Cheap talents

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>> how many points a player is willing to spend - if they can't role-
> play it convincingly, it's simply not going to happen.

>>>>>>>>>>   I'm not as absolute as you are here, Michael.  Some players
like playing
>>>>>>>>>>characters who have highly dissimilar personalities than their
own, and in
>>>>>>>>>>many of these cases they just /can't/ roleplay these

Well, then they dont have any imagination and should take up stamp

>>>>>>>>>>example: A shy person who wants to play a character who is a
great leader.

But seriously, the goal of roleplaying isn't to role-play *convincingly*,
its to have fun and entertain the others. We've all seen players play the
same personality again and again and again. Isn't it far more entertaining
for the GM and the other players for them to play something different -
even if they play it badly? As a GM shouldn't you encourage more
experimentation - even the failures? 

>>>>>>>>>>And what about romance with an NPC when the GM and player are
both male?

Frankly one of my fondest memories of roleplaying - and some of the most
fun and best I've ever seen - was me and two other guys in a love triangle
with each other! And believe every other player was *highly* amused. 

>>>>>>>>>>Should the player have to roleplay this convincingly as well?

Yes! He should at least have to TRY! If you reduce the game to just rolling
dice, then havent you removed the whole point of playing? At the very
*least* if a player insists on just 'making his Fast-Talk roll' then you
should extract a heavy penalty for the attempt and an EP penalty for being
boring. I'm exaggerating but only a little. As a GM I dont think your doing
your job unless you 'stretch' the player a little. 

>>>>>>>>>>   If the character has the necessary talents then I'm willing to
cut him a
>>>>>>>>>>lot of slack when it comes to roleplaying.  And when the player
>>>>>>>>>>roleplay well he should be rewarded, instead of the opposite --
>>>>>>>>>>punished when he doesn't.

I'm not really talking about punishing the player when he doesn't roleplay,
but roleplaying really is in the games title! You shouldnt punish him for
not roleplaying. You should punish him for not TRYING to roleplay!

Just my opinion...

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