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Re: (TFT) Re: Cheap talents

Michael writes . . .

> I dont really see why this would be mutually exclusive. I dont care
> how many points a player is willing to spend - if they can't role-
> play it convincingly, it's simply not going to happen.

   I'm not as absolute as you are here, Michael.  Some players like playing
characters who have highly dissimilar personalities than their own, and in
many of these cases they just /can't/ roleplay these convincingly.  For
example: A shy person who wants to play a character who is a great leader.
And what about romance with an NPC when the GM and player are both male?
Should the player have to roleplay this convincingly as well?
   If the character has the necessary talents then I'm willing to cut him a
lot of slack when it comes to roleplaying.  And when the player /does/
roleplay well he should be rewarded, instead of the opposite -- being
punished when he doesn't.

Dave Seagraves
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