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(TFT) We don't only attack Panzer's with lances

PS: what is it with polish ancestry & TFT I wonder (my name is polish too,
but created - 2 brothers who fought for Napoleon in 1812 and settled there,
adopted the name Liber as it was latin for free)
Cas >>>>>

Well you have Stan and myself on the list and possibly others out there.  I
think it's because Poles are generally more intellectual than the rest of
society.  Only kidding!  No Polish jokes because remember pinning Greeks!
Chicago for a while was he second largest Polish-speaking city in the world.
Mike Ditka, the Chicago Bears football coach, called the Bear fans the
"Grabowski's" because of that fact.  My last name is common in Polish, at
least in the States.

Sorry to digress list fans
Yours in Cidri,

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