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RE: (TFT) Hurting undead / other dimensionally / other worldly creatures

Rick stated,

Hi all,
	I have been working on and off on a many page
expansion to TFT undead.  One thing I've been playing with
is making tougher monsters immune to normal weapons.

	For example, some creatures can only be hurt by
silver weapons, or by magic weapons, etc.

	Does anyone have suggestions for interesting
immunity / weaknesses?>>>>>>>

What do think of John Sullivan's unofficial vampire variant in Interplay #3.
I remember playtesting these rules on vampires on my group once in the 80s.
It was a group of 7-8 36 to 40 pointers which entered a tomb with a vampire
and his minions.  This group got clobbered enough (no deaths but close) that
the party returned to Haven never to return again to the tomb.

Yours in Cidri,

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