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Re: Adventure Resources (was Re: (TFT) NewListMemberIntroduction)

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Keep on the Borderlands is a great module! 

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply it's not.  But its a basic
module and everything else in the SA box is old AD&D 
stuff.  Its kind of the odd man out in that set.

> Did they update them at all or just 'xerox' them?

They're exact repros of the originals except for a 
little "Silver Anniversary" logo.

> [regarding the awful B1-9 collection]
> I didnt know they were incomplete! What's missing 
> from them?

Okay, here's two examples:
1) The entire B1 module is missing except its two maps
2) The Keep on the Borderlands is just the dungeon.  No 
   keep, no borderlands.
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