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Re: (TFT) Monster Immunities

Chris Nicole wrote:

> Note, I don't tell my players that the critter is resisting their
> attacks, I love the sudden look of concern on their faces when they
> see a critter shrug off an attack that should have cut it in half and
> come back howling mad!

This reminded me...

Marian Antoinette Lee (Rebel), a PC from my old Champions game, had 10
pts of fully resistant defense around the _last_ half of her BDY
points.  So if you hit her (she was nimble), she bled, bruised, "oof"ed,
stunned, etc.  a High REC brought her back quickly.  Folk were awful
annoyed that this punk babe would suck up scads of (small-caliber)
firepower.  Of course, she _could_ have been blown to bits, but people
didn't seem to think of it, what with her being 'hurt' by smallarms. 
(evil GM grin).

Consider something like that for mythic beasties, if you like.
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