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(TFT) GURPS (was Re: Cheap talents and forgetting)

From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
> After TFT died I spent about 5 years trying to run GURPS. I came to dispise
> it.  I've never seen a GURPS player ever do any roleplaying. 
> How can you roleplay anything but a combat monster when a 1/2 point of
> knowledge skill will come up once in a blue moon, but a 1/2 point combat
> skill will come up once a game - and the combat will take up the rest of
> that day's session anyway!

This has not been my experience. Most of my GURPS players spend most 
of their time roleplaying to avoid combat, since it is so deadly. What I've 
noticed most in playing and GMing is that players build characters that will 
do well in the game that the GM presents. 

I have noticed that full Advanced Combat with the Options takes a long time 
to play, but by streamlining combat by eliminating time-consuming options, 
you can make things move much faster. And you you don't need to use the
tactical combat by using Basic Combat, though I prefer tactical. Besides, 
you get all those other genres to play in!

I must say though, that TFT tactical combat MOVES. That's what I love 
about it. I'm planning on running a TFT as my next campaign.

P.S. I don't mean to deny your experiences. I just wanted to give my opinion 
based on my experiences.

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