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(TFT) GURPS (was Re: Cheap talents and forgetting)

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I have noticed that full Advanced Combat with the Options takes a long time

to play, but by streamlining combat by eliminating time-consuming options, 
you can make things move much faster. And you you don't need to use the
tactical combat by using Basic Combat, though I prefer tactical. Besides, 
you get all those other genres to play in!

I must say though, that TFT tactical combat MOVES. That's what I love 
about it. I'm planning on running a TFT as my next campaign.

P.S. I don't mean to deny your experiences. I just wanted to give my
based on my experiences.<

I've heard this, but the fact is, the GURPS Combat system with all the
options ripped out is not a very *good* combat system - that's why they
added all those options! 

So yeah, you can use just the Basic combat system, but the Basic combat
system isnt alot of fun!

And I have had terrific GURPs games, as long as we did the same thing -
stayed out of combat and ignored most of the other rules. But that's not
really what I want in a system!

I think you can still use TFT for all those genre's even without the
worldbooks! In fact, despite having around 40 GURPS books, the I.C.E.
history supplements are actually *much* better for roleplaying different

No, and I wouldn't deny your experiences either, but keep in mind that I
still wont beleive it until I SEE it! :}

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