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Re: (TFT) GURPS (was Re: Cheap talents and forgetting)

> I've heard this, but the fact is, the GURPS Combat system with all the
> options ripped out is not a very *good* combat system - that's why they
> added all those options!
> So yeah, you can use just the Basic combat system, but the Basic combat
> system isnt alot of fun!
> And I have had terrific GURPs games, as long as we did the same thing -
> stayed out of combat and ignored most of the other rules. But that's not
> really what I want in a system!

Actually, I re-wrote the Advanced Combat System for GURPS, simplifying and
streamlining it, so that a group of non-gamers could play (we were doing
modern-day spies trapped in Castle Ravenloft).  Things went fairly smoothly,
even though two of the players had minimal gaming experience (and no GURPS
experience).  The only combat that was lengthy was a fight against three
vampire minions that my D&D-minded GM brother made *way* too tough.....  I
think he rolled d&d hit points for them and used that for HT...

> I think you can still use TFT for all those genre's even without the
> worldbooks! In fact, despite having around 40 GURPS books, the I.C.E.
> history supplements are actually *much* better for roleplaying different
> backgrounds.

I was starting to think about using GURPS character generation and
advancement coupled with TFT task resolution and combat, primarily to give
more flexibility to the characters while keeping the simplicity and fun of
TFT.  But, I really don't have time to fool with it, so it'll never get

Tony Merlock

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