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Re: Adventure Resources (was Re: (TFT) NewListMemberIntroduction)

> So what are some of the other RPG campaign's out there suitable for
> adaption to TFT?
> I've personally had some luck with the Warhammer FRP stuff.
> Michael

Well, I mentioned this before, but my new campaign (starting in August, most
likely) will be set in the "City State of the Invincible Overlord" campaign
world - a campaign world created by the Judges guild in '77, but crossed
with Cidri.  The adventures there aren't quite what I'm after, but the
city-state itself is quite fun (in a sadistic GM sort of way).

I'm also going to be making good use of interdimensional portals, and have
some very fun ideas, including a visit to Castle Ravenloft, a trip to
Sprechenhaltestelle (a "spy city" dungeon-crawl adventure from the Top
Secret boxed set), and possibly even a trip aboard the starship from
"Metamorphosis Alpha"......  Or heck, combine that with the Games-Workshop
sci-fantasy universe, and set them against a horde of Genestealers.......

Oh, and I plan a romp thru the "Tomb of Horror".....

Tony Merlock

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