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Re: (TFT) GURPS (was Re: Cheap talents and forgetting)

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>>>>>>>Actually, I re-wrote the Advanced Combat System for GURPS,
simplifying and
>>>>>>>streamlining it, so that a group of non-gamers could play (we were
>>>>>>>modern-day spies trapped in Castle Ravenloft).  

I wouldn't mind playing GURPS if they re-wrote it - but they'd need to
re-write Combat, Disadvantages, Skills, Advantages and Magic...

>>>>>>I was starting to think about using GURPS character generation and
>>>>>>>advancement coupled with TFT task resolution and combat, primarily
to give
>>>>>>>more flexibility to the characters while keeping the simplicity and
fun of
>>>>>>>TFT.  But, I really don't have time to fool with it, so it'll never

Look in the archives - there's was a dicsussion awhile back about
converting GURPS to TFT.... (I'm doing alot of Monsters myself right


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