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RE: (TFT) Re: Stuff


Well, he wasn't called "The Butcher" for nothing.>>>>

Received as a result of what he did to Virginia troops at Waxhaws and other
incidents of Tarleton's Quarter to surrendering Continentals.  Gibson's
characters son alludes to the battle and the Green Dragoons aka Tarleton's

There's a micro that covers Tarleton's defeat (at Cowpens?) called
"Morgan's Rifles".  I haven't had a chance to play it yet but it
looks representative of the battle.>>>>>

OK! only - SPI's Monmouth was much better

Gibson's characater in the film is a rollup of three men: Daniel
Morgan, Nathaniel Greene and Francis Marion.  Francis Marion, aka
"The Swamp Fox", is an interesting character.  He was a master of
guerilla warfare, using the South Carolina swamps to cover his

Let me fix this a little.  The Benjamin Martin character was based upon
Marion, Andrew Pickens, Thomas Sumter (as in the fort), Elijah Clark and
Morgan.  The official site explains each of the characters.  BTW, Marion got
great press during the war.  The exploits of Pickens, Sumter, and company
were just as good.

Earlier on the list I had mentioned the loading times for muskets and how
the game reload times are incorrect.  A typical soldier of the period (18th
century) could fire in combat (under fire) two to three times a minute.
Unlike the TFT arquebus which takes to be loaded readied and fired 16 turns
(?????).  A cannon crew could load and ready its weapon in about 20 seconds
(four turns).  Review earlier lists for other info.  Perhaps I should put
together some rules for 17th/18th century warfare for TFT.

Yours in Cidri,

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