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RE: (TFT) Re: Stuff

>Gibson's characater in the film is a rollup of three men: Daniel
>Morgan, Nathaniel Greene and Francis Marion.  Francis Marion, aka
>"The Swamp Fox", is an interesting character.  He was a master of
>guerilla warfare, using the South Carolina swamps to cover his
>Let me fix this a little.  The Benjamin Martin character was based
>upon Marion, Andrew Pickens, Thomas Sumter (as in the fort), Elijah
>Clark and Morgan.  The official site explains each of the characters.
>BTW, Marion got great press during the war.  The exploits of Pickens,
>Sumter, and company were just as good.

Hmmm ... seems I was either misinformed or didnt know what the hell
I was talking about in the first place!  Thanks for the correction!


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