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RE: (TFT) Re: Stuff

> From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>

> Earlier on the list I had mentioned the loading times for muskets and how
> the game reload times are incorrect.  A typical soldier of the period (18th
> century) could fire in combat (under fire) two to three times a minute.
> Unlike the TFT arquebus which takes to be loaded readied and fired 16 turns
> (?????).  A cannon crew could load and ready its weapon in about 20 seconds
> (four turns).  Review earlier lists for other info.  Perhaps I should put
> together some rules for 17th/18th century warfare for TFT.

The slower times I suspect represent the earliest of weapons before they
started prepackaging shot and powder together along with some form of
firing drill. My players did run around with a 3 pounder saker gun for a
while, the ultimate door knocker! During the 30 years war, the artillery
crews of these light battalion guns fired faster than the arquebusers in
some cases! They could be handled by three people or one horse and the
earliest ones were made by wrapping a thin copper tube with leather!

Fun, fun!
Jim Eckman
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