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(TFT) non steel weapons


Doesnt TFT have rules for weapons made out of other materials - including


Yes (finally) I found it in AW  p7

Copper, Bronze and other nonferrous alloy weapons - cost same as steel,
Armour -1 HS/A ; damage -1.

Gold - cost 10x steel, Armour -1 HS/A ; damage -1.

Silver - cost 10x steel, Armour, damage the same

I guess then cold (non forged) iron would be similar to bronze etc., while
meteoric iron may be special, say +1 to each.

In my campaign we had:

Galvorn is a hard, black iron-based metal that makes weapons of +2 or +3
damage bonus. It's not light, so confers no DX bonus. Dwarves and sometimes
gnomes have mined and refined it. It won't be found elsewhere generally,
unless stolen.
Mithril, or truesilver, was discovered by dwarves originally but coveted
highly by elves, many wars being fought over the ownership of mithril
mines. It is light in weight and light in colour, conferring a +1 DX bonus
and +1 or +2 damage bonus. Mithril can harm monsters only struck by silver
weapons and does not interfere with magic casting, unlike galvorn or
adamantite, both of which are ferrous.
Adamantite is another ferrous metal of exceptional hardness (+3 damage). It
is a dull, greyish colour. Dwarves and humans most often use it.

Galvorn is a black alloy from Tolkien (?silmarillion)


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