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(TFT) garbage disposal

I would imagine that dwarven cities would have various mechanical
incinerators maybe powered by fire elementals and many marvellous ducts (as
they are so good at building tunnels. maybe the sewerage would drop deep
underground where friendly poo-eating otyugh creatures would lap it up.
Elves and Hobbits may be more biodyamic and have large compost heaps
inhabited by giant semi-sentient worms (who may be Controlled and called
upon to defend the setlements). Worm excretions, known as vermicast, makes
excellent compost.
Orcs would just pollute their environment (though may cultivate giant boars
as stteds and garbage disposal units) 
and Goblins would probably be able to sell their garbage cheaply to the
elves and Hobbits to feed their
worm farms.

For running water, underground dwarven cities may have a gate from the
water elemntal planes above (for incoming) and below (for outgoing) them
for running water.
Elves would probably know where the enchanted springs are.

just some ideas 

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