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Re: (TFT) garbage disposal

In fact....

Giant Tiger Worm
ST:20                        MA:6
DX:10                       Armour:0
These 3 hex long purplish brown and pinkish striped worms bite for 1 die
damage. They were bred by halfling enthusiasts for breaking down compost
into vermicast, which is odorless and an excellent fertilizer for plants.
Some halfling villages will have large compost heaps on the edge of town
containing 1d6 of these creatures per megamegahex of waste. Normally
docile, they can be Controlled to attack by a spell invented by an
enterprising wizard - Control Annelid.

 Control Annelid (T): This variant of Control Animal, works on any Annelid
(i.e. worm), regardless of ST. It is cheap to cast and maintain (1 ST + 1
ST/turn to maintain) as worms have really simple nervous systems. This
spell is generally used by halflings and elves on their giant compost worms
to guad the villages. It is rarely taught to outsiders for obvious reasons
(a ready fighting force for raiders!).

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