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Re: (TFT) 7 hexes

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:41:54 -0700

Heptahex would be 7-hex in ancient greek, or septahex from latin

   What would a 12-hex be in either greek or latin?
On another note to the group, sorry to have been away so long. Ya'll know how things get. First the car wreck. Totalled the car but saved some girls life. She ran a stop sign. I'm feeling a lot better now. Even broke out the Shani last week and did some sparing. Ready to reality check some of these rules variants going around. I'll have to skip simulating the cavalry charge. I have been reading all the posts to keep up, but now I'm up to responding to them as well. In other news It has finally started raining in Baton Rouge again. I'm back at work as a Creole Cook, and I picked up a 3-D consulting Job that pays $25 an hour.

   David Michael Grouchy II
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