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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

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>Their is obvious room for abuse by players and GM's. But to my knowledge 
stock TFT lacks the rules to show skill progression. If anybody else has
ideas on skill progression (not attribute progression) I'd love to hear 


There are some generic rules for Talent progression in this article that
applies to all talents: Superheroes in TFT - TSG #65, Ronald Pehr. New
rules,  skills & powers for TFT in modern settings.           #65     pg

I find this discussion interesting because there was recent discussion
about making the cost of talents cheaper. It seems to me that if you make
the talents more 'effective' then you have in fact made them cheaper!
Basically you get more bang for the buck! 

I personally agree with Dominic - it's a pretty useful Talent for an expert
Swordsman but so what? I think the IQ and DX requirements on the Defense
Quickness Talents are high enough to keep them rare, but even on the
'expert' talents - I just dont mind having Expert Melee combatants
wandering around.....


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