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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

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>I must admit I had suspicions too - reading Expert Swordsman vs Fencing
enough to give some doubt. This is one of the reasons a unified spell list
is a heap easier than a talent list.<

This brings up an idea I was considering adding to the Talent list.
Basically a progression table telling the most logical choices to keep
improving a Talent. This table would show the costs and total costs for the
progression of a Talent. 

For example:

Acrobatics Improvement. Specialties: Tight-rope walking, tumbling, trapeze.

Talent                  Abbr.   Cost/Total Cost Prerequisites   Source
Acrobatics              AB      10/3            DX 12+          cbi
Acrobatics II           AB2,    12/3/6          ST10+, DX14+
Acrobatics III          AB3,    14/4/10         ST11+, DX16+
Improved Acrobatics III         iAB3,   14/4,14

Acting Improvements. Specializations: ???               
Talent                  Abbr.   Cost/Total Cost
Acting                  Act     11/2    
Improved Acting                 iAct    11/2/4  
Advanced Acting                 aAct    11/3/7  
Expert Acting           eAct    11/4/11 

What do you think? 


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