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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

 >I think a character could get some of the same advantages from a self
 >powerd $500 blur that expert swordsman offers.  It would even work
 >against missles, and multiple attacks.

Apples and oranges, at least for my purposes I wouldn't consider the self powered blur as a viable means of character advancment.

>but both together seem to push the limit. I shudder to think what
>an "expert swordsman" with a blur would get.

Agreed, and you know what I would do if I were to run up against such an opponent ? yep... RUN. But, such is the nature of magic, it can impart huge tactical advantages to those who are creative enough to think of these things. It's up to the GM to lay some ground rules and keep things fair, while still allowing for character creativity. The character w/ the Expert sword talent I had was in a low magic campaign. Running down to the local magic shop and dishing out $500 to get a blur spell wasn't an option.

 >It seemed to me that after being talented (a stronger word than
 >expert in my mind) and getting ones DX up to 16 (a number
 >representing skill in my mind)

I disagree, I can create an Archer and push is DX up to 16 and then finnally pickup sword skill and wield the sword better than a character with a DX 14 who has wieled a sword for years ? That just doen't work in my mind.

 >the best way to improve a swordsman is with equipment. TFT is
 >geared to handle that, and does it well.

Maybe not best, but yes it is geared well in this fashion.
that caused

 >others to roll 4D to hit (very expesive I hope), but not as a new

It cost me 400xp and 1 additional IQ slot and I had to train for about 10 weeks. This skill was not available to new characters and Sword was a prereq. So to be a "expert swordsman" it cost me a total of 600xp and two IQ slots. I advanced under some different house rules (don't we all) hence the XP cost. If I ever wanted the "Master" sword skill. It would cost an additional 800 xp (total 1200xp) and a IQ slot (toatl 3)and the GM made it clear that master swordsman don't grow on trees and it would take such a talented individual to teach such a skill.

In closing I would say that gameing balance doen't always have to be in the mechanics. By introducing some roll playing into the situation it can become more managable for the GM. i.e. swords aren't allowed in the city limits, This duel will be decided by a wrestling match, etc etc

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