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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

David Wrote
>    It seemed to me that after being talented (a stronger word than expert in my mind) and getting ones DX up to 16 (a number representing skill in my mind) the best way to improve a swordsman is with equipment.  TFT is geared to handle that, and does it well.  The creation of additional "skill levels" for TFT seems like it will be too much if you allow for enchanted equipment also.

	The line, "...the best way to improve a swordsman
is with equipment.", captures for me the worst part of unmodified

	It REALLY bugs me that the best way to improve
a character is getting magic items, getting better weapons, 
getting better magic armor, etc.

	In my opinion TFT desperately needs further
talents to take the competent person into the truly expert
category (in what ever specialization they have).

	I think that the difficulty to pick up the "Expert
Swordsman" talents should be close to the difficulty that
it takes to pick up UCV (which gives similar benefits).
Not simply attribute prerequisites, but other talent 
corequisites.  (See my Si-Juk Style of Combat and the
Si-Jukku Style of Combat to see how I've handled 

	By the way, a self powering Blur item for
$500 is terribly unbalanced.  I've made this the price
of the 1 fST / turn. (I've also increased the price of 
the other defensive magic items.)


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