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Re: (TFT) undead again

> > From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
> > Subject: (TFT) undead again
> > 
> > Dear all (mainly Rick I suppose)
> > given that you're doing undead, i felt the best vampires  in litetrature
> > (and I hate to say this given how he mutilated the Cthulhu Mythos in most
> > of his books) come from the Necroscope/Vampire World series by Brian
> > Lumley. I read these books with all due scepticsm and came away very
> > impressed (until I read harry Potter, that is, but anyway...). The vampires
> > are among the most conniving and darstardly and their physiology is quite
> > monstrous (Cthulhuvian/Gigeresque hybrid-like).
>They are wonderfully evil, but how can you mangle the Cthulu mythos when
>you had so many writers (including King) create totally different
>stories, each one 'mangling' the mythos? 
>How would you handle insanity in TFT? Loss of IQ? The angles, the

	Hi all,

	Thanks Cas for the heads up on the Lumley book.  I have
not got time to read it (or write for that matter) right now, but I 
have it on a list.

	Of the two ways to handle insantity that I've roleplayed, 
(Call of Chthulhu and GURPS), I prefer the GURPS system.
It seemed less artificial.  (Also I was bugged that you would
keep seeing the same old low level horrors in CoC, but 
you never got used to them.)


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