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Re: (TFT) TFT @ L.A. Game Convention

when is the game con???

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From: "John Paul Bakshoian" <hailmelee@hotmail.com>
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Subject: (TFT) TFT @ L.A. Game Convention
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 12:43:46 PDT

Hello all.  I feel like David Grouchy (no car accident though), lots to
catch up on when you've been away from this site.

I have an announcement to make:  I will be hosting a The Fantasy Trip game
at the Gateway 2000 Game convention at Los Angeles airport on 2 September
2000.  I got it into the sign-up flier.  Here is what the flier says:

Kili's Heroes - 25mm using the Fantasy Trip Miniatures role-playing system.
During the campaign of the Overlord, Kili learned of a fortune in gold bars
that the Evil Ones have stashed in a small Frankish town.  Kili's dwarven
platoon plans a surprise attack on Claymont, 30 miles behind enemy lines.
Equipment provided.
Referee:  John Paul Bakshoian  call or write...bla bla bla
Game time - 7 to 12pm

They didn't exaclty print what I wrote - Fantasy Trip Miniatures
role-playing system? - but it will do.
The game is going to be lead figure based.  8 players and each player is
going to run 8 characters; all done up on one sheet for quick reference.  I
will supply figures and characters already made up.  Each figure represents
the character, so a dwarf in chainmail with an ax has on his sheet:

Race - Dwarf
Name - Dari Ax-up
ST -   12
DX -   14 (11)
IQ -   10
MA -   12 (8)
Armor- Chainmail  (3)
      Sm Shield  (1)
Weapon- Military ax  2
       Short Sw     2-1
Skill - Running

Some comments on the above.  Named Ax-up because the figure is holding the
ax upright.  This is another quick reference to find the figure on the
board; not clever but pragmatic.  I doubt I will be using any 32-34pt
characters; these guys should already be seasoned.  I use my own modified
system for running in heavy armor:  if you have running talent its 8 hexes
not 6.  The parenthesis after armor represents the number of damage stopped.
 Weapon:  Military Ax is really Military Pick.  I keep the level and just
change the name to fit the figure.  The figure had a Short Sw even though he
was capable of using a broadsword.  On an 8-up page Character Sheet, I don't
list talents he obviously has (like sword or shield), but if he was able to
use a crossbow, I would list it.  He might pick one up later.  This guy
drives the troops 1 horse wagon.

I haven't selected the figures or made the stats yet.  I haven't decided on
the attribute point spreads or what optional rule systems are going to be
used yet.  There are going to be teams, though.  I'll mention them a little

This is being played on an 4x8 foot table.  It is a city encounter.  I have
over 30 buildings and props for the Frankish Evil One occupied Claymont.
There are sections of town that are rubble, but mostly it is standing.
There are even civilians going about their business.  This is mostly going
to be a "what you see is what you get" game.  Line of sight, if critical,
will be done by string.  If a building is on fire, I have red cotton for
fire.  If black powder smoke gets too much, I have white cotton for a couple
of rounds.

Kili's Heroes, huh.  This wouldn't happen to be modeled after a certain
The teams are tentatively:
Allies =
Dwarven Squad - Lead by Kili
Dwarven Squad - Lead by Big Jo
Dwarven Mobile - Lead by Oddball
Barbarians    - Lead by ?

Evil Ones =
1/2 Orcs
Mystery group

Now how did Kili come up with a probable occupation force of about 40 enemy
holding this town of little significance?  Because that is the usual troop
support for....

I already have one player signed up for this game: Michael Taylor.

Because he is on this list, I won't be able to give the group any more
character info until after the Con.  If you would like to attend, let me
know and I can get you hotel info.

And now that other game that was announced on 5 July...

Just thought I'd throw out my character for a two-day
live action role-playing game coming up 29/30 July.
This is going to be a bit of a departure from regular
"Fantasy Field Trip Society" rules in that we'll be able
to keep the character and earn experience to improve them
if Colin runs a sequel next year.
Usually FFTS games are strictly one-shot and not connected
to any other game so the characters are one-shot too.

Here's the very brief game intro we were given and the
character and background I'm intending to run, if aproved.

A "participant" game means that we start with no set teams
and may freely ally/oppose anyone we want to. Teams will
be formed/broken/betrayed at will and there should be lots
of puzzles and monsters and mini-quests to keep us occupied.
Thieves and Assassins will probably be out in force.
Hopefully they'll be sensible and not kill "The Priest" who
can heal them, eh?

NOTE- FFTS combat uses a single d20 instead of 3d6 for
all rolls. Spellcasting/etc. is against DX while all
knowledge related skills are rolled against IQ.


Is this the live-action game that goes on in Australia thats been mentioned
in the archives before?  This concept is as worthy of its own "website" as
the miniatures groups because we are each taking TFT along additional gaming

Good work and good right-up.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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