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(TFT) Exploding Gems

Hi all,
	I have two types of exploding gems.

	The first uses the prices giving the gem article
in Interplay #1.  These are considered magic items for the
masses, and as such they are fairly stable, but occasionally
they will not go off (they hit cloth on the body of the 
target, for example).  I treat these types of gems as an
'A' type item so you can buy a maximum of 5 levels of
improvement on them and each level doubles in cost.

	The second type is made with the IQ 14 spell
were I use a fST cost of 5 for a 1 die exploding gem and
DOUBLE the fST cost per die.  However these items 
can do up to 8 dice of damage.  They are extremely 
explosive but the wizard who created them can handle
them safely.  (Safely is a relative term however, one
character was blown to unrevivable fragments after
falling off a roof with a pouch of the damn things.)

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