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Re: Re: (TFT) Exploding/Inflammatory Gems

Thorn wrote:
> John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> I've played for a number of years with "exploding gems."  They 
> do 2D6 damage.  Now that I look for it in Advanced Wizards, I 
> can't find it.  Hmmm.  Is this perhaps from another game?
>The spell is in Advanced Wizard, but not the casting cost. 

Steve Jackson gives a cost in his errata article (available 
at www.reese.org/tft/designnt.htm ).  What it says is:

"AW p.15: A paragraph is missing from the Explosive Gem 
spell.  I can not say for sure what was there originally
The following rules will be playable:  
  The Explosive Gem spell costs 5 ST for every die of damage
the gem will do when it detonates.  Unlike most magic items
a gem may be made instantly if the ST is available.  One 
must begin with a gem worth at least $50.  Once a gem is
rendered explosive with a given power it cannot be enchanted
again to make it stronger."

So that's the "official" word on the matter.  It's odd that
in an article of errata he puts a caveat on this item to
the effect that it's only a suggestion.
  Personally, I think the Jackson errata makes the spell way 
too powerful.  I'm not so sure that a wizard should have to
spend a week preparing an explosive gem, but being able to 
whip them up at will for only 5 ST per die is just silly.

My solution is to make Explosive Gem a one-day, 25 ST, 
enchantment.  The magic item table's "Note A" doubling rule 
would apply for making them at more than a one-die strength.
The gem to be enchanted would have to cost $50 per die of 
strength to be put in it.  The enchantment requires no
materials other than the gem.

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