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RE: Re: (TFT) Exploding/Inflammatory Gems

My solution is to make Explosive Gem a one-day, 25 ST,
enchantment.  The magic item table's "Note A" doubling rule
would apply for making them at more than a one-die strength.
The gem to be enchanted would have to cost $50 per die of
strength to be put in it.  The enchantment requires no
materials other than the gem.>>>>

But then again Stan it is only a die of damage and it still costs both fST
and cost of $50.  I myself think that is enough AND you also need to have to
know the IQ 14 spell in order to create the darn things.  Remember a
lightning bolt causes one die of damage for one ST point at IQ 14.

Your S'danzo friend,

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