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Re: (TFT) Exploding/Inflammatory Gems

grabowski wrote:
> <<<<<My solution is to make Explosive Gem a one-day, 25 ST,
> enchantment.  The magic item table's "Note A" doubling rule
> would apply for making them at more than a one-die strength.
> The gem to be enchanted would have to cost $50 per die of
> strength to be put in it.  The enchantment requires no
> materials other than the gem.>>>>
> But then again Stan it is only a die of damage and it still costs both fST
> and cost of $50.  I myself think that is enough AND you also need to have to
> know the IQ 14 spell in order to create the darn things.  Remember a
> lightning bolt causes one die of damage for one ST point at IQ 14.

Darn straight.  I don't know anybody else's games, but I know how it
played for Dar Fannen, and 3ST per die, 25$ for the gems (per die)
worked for us.  Balance is unique to every campaign, I admit, but if you
forced Dar to rent a lab to produce these things, it would be
overpriced.  The lab costs, plus cost in materials, plus the
apprentices...  too damn much, for a hunk of rock quartz that does as
much damage as if I _threw_it_hard_.

3 ST per die, gems must be worth 25$ per die, damage manifests as any
type caster knows the theory for (can produce with another spell),
chosen at casting.  One of two types of 'trigger', Aura Deformation (if
you touch it, and you aren't the creator, it goes off) and Matrix
Deformation (if you damage the stone, even a scratch or tiny chip).

YMMV, of course.

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